Thailand launched a 4-year business visa that does not require a work permit

On August 18, the Thai government approved a smart visa for investors and businessmen. Its holders will be able to remain in the country for up to 4 years without a work permit and are exempted from inspections in immigration services

August 18 at a meeting of the Committee on National Strategic Management gave a "green light" to a smart visa for foreign business owners, investors and highly qualified professionals.
"Smart Visa" is aimed at attracting talented entrepreneurs from all over the world. The government believes that such a proposal will ensure an effective exchange of experience and knowledge transfer, help the growth of business in the country and will provide long-term economic benefits.
From January next year, smart visas will be issued to investors, business owners, senior managers and highly qualified professionals so that they can work or conduct business in Thailand for 4 years.
"Smart Visa" will allow its owner to stay in Thailand with her husband / wife and children without a work permit. Also, foreigners are not required to report every 90 days in immigration offices.
Three groups of foreign citizens will be eligible for a smart visa:
Qualified specialists are experts in the field of high technologies and innovations.
Investors who receive privileges from the Investment Council (BOI) in the development of 10 priority sectors of the economy,
Specialists and entrepreneurs launching start-ups.
The Prime Minister of Thailand Priut Chan-Och, the head of the Committee for National Strategic Management, instructed the Investment Council of Thailand (BOI), the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finalize the documents within 3 months, a maximum - by December 2017.
For the first time the plan for the introduction of a smart visa was proposed in March 2016 at a meeting of trade associations from all over Thailand.