Smart money: 5 good reasons to invest in Thai real estate

Not every investment brings a guaranteed income. And although investing in real estate - one of the most reliable, in this area, too, does not do without pitfalls. We disclose the characteristics of the most popular real estate market - Thai.
Growing popularity
According to the MasterCard rating, Thailand ranked first in terms of tourists' attendance in 2016. Accordingly, both demand and housing prices are growing here. If you invest in the construction of a residential complex now, the apartment in a few years will rise in price and will be invariably popular with tourists.
Everyone knows that an apartment in the European capital is a profitable capital. But not everyone can buy it. The Asian real estate market is only beginning to grow - albeit at a tremendous pace. This is a unique chance to become the owner of an expensive apartment, investing quite feasible amount.
Assistance with investments
Even with the relative cheapness of Thai housing, not everyone is available such waste. Aurum Business Group offers joint investment with the possibility to pay for half of the luxury apartment in the best sea resort in the world from the well-known developer New Nordic Group. No deception: you just rent your own apartment to the management of the company, and it has been providing it to tourists for 10 years as a room fund.
Every year thanks to a convenient joint investment with the Aurum Business group, the New Nordic Group (one of the most successful Aurum projects) pays 10% of the apartment price to the owner of the house - and real estate immediately pays off. At the same time, the company takes all the issues with tourists.
Guaranteed income
Apartments and houses New Nordic Group are built quickly and according to plan: in its state there are 1050 people and more than 300 builders. But even if the house is not delivered on time, 10% per annum begin to accrue from the moment of payment of housing. Moreover, if the apartment could not find tourists, the New Nordic Group still steadily pays 10% per annum.
All projects are built in popular tourist places, they are qualitatively decorated, have a lot of services and entertainment for residents: bars, restaurants, swimming pools, sports complexes.
Of course, this property is very popular and rent it out - it's easy. But it's even easier to entrust this company.
10% per annum is a good amount even for business. As for passive income, such an investment with Aurum Business Group is a record profit. Moreover, there are no risks here, that for investment - a rarity. You get a legal 10% regardless of project readiness, property rights and whether the apartment is rented to tourists.
Flexible features
The apartment can be bought on installments for only 3% per annum. Immediately after payment of the full amount, 10% of annual income will be accrued, and in 10 years it will pay off completely.
If you are planning to reside in Thailand, for $ 90,000 you will receive full ownership and a 10% annual return on investment for 10 years. Then you completely return the investment and are settled in your housing, taking advantage of all the benefits of the complex.
Those who do not plan to live in Thailand or consider this option for a pension can apply for an investment return of 10% per annum for 20 years with full ownership and $ 300,000 in investments.
Cheap and good option - lizhold. This is a long-term lease (for 90 years) without the right of ownership with an investment return rate of 10% per annum for 10 years and an investment of $ 90,000.
In addition, the apartment can be issued for two owners.
The New Nordic Group represents quality and sought-after accommodation in Pattaya, Chumphon, the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui. 46 out of 78 projects are completed on time and are already in operation. 17 projects are at different stages of construction, another 15 are preparing for the beginning of construction.
Also, New Nordic has a hotel complex in the Philippines, it is planned to build a complex in Indonesia.
Simplicity at purchase
Thai laws on the acquisition of real estate are not easy. Fortunately, Aurum Business Group takes on the legal side of the issue and all costs associated with the execution of the contract. Also the company offers a long-term lease, which allows you to avoid declaring housing and your income abroad - which means that all the money goes to you without problems, suspicions and taxation.
To obtain an annual income of 10% of the cost of an apartment, it is not necessary to travel to Thailand. The company New Nordic itself transfers your earnings to a bank card, no matter in which country you are in the world.
Inflation, exchange rate fluctuations, political force majeure - all this can destroy accumulations, even if they are stored in a bank. Therefore, investing in real estate is the most reliable and profitable way to save and increase personal finances.