How to find a job in Thailand: practical tips and walkthrough

Official work
Legislators of the country have compiled a list of positions to which foreigners in principle can not get formalized. All these professions are listed in the Royal Decree Stipulating Work on Occupations and Professions Prohibited to Aliens B.E. 252, it can easily be found in the public domain on the Internet. In general, the government's philosophy is this: if a Thai can do this job, there is nothing for foreigners to do here.
The real opportunity to get a position officially has immigrants who have high qualifications in IT technologies, programming, editorial activities, design, in general those that require really outstanding skills. The main thing here is perfect English.You find a suitable vacancy, contact the employer. If the interview is successful, you will not only be invited to Thailand, but will also bear the costs of obtaining a work visa, will pay for the flight, and help with the choice of accommodation.
If you decide to look for a job right on the spot, you will have to independently issue a tourist visa for six months. Then you can get a job, for example, an English teacher at school. To do this, we will have to bypass several schools, taking with them a notarized translation of the diploma, a resume in English, as well as recommendations from a previous job. After the conclusion of the employment contract, the employer will also have to issue you a work-permit.
Illegal work
Some emigrants prefer to live at the expense of sub-projects, which do not bind them with any contracts. This can be cosmetic services at home for Russian speakers, work as a nanny or a nurse, teaching children to foreign languages, writing articles for a Russian-language or English-language publication, working as a photographer, a waiter or any similar activity that seems interesting. Although many foreigners work in the Kingdom in this way, there is a considerable risk: if the police compute illegal workers, at best it will result in a large fine and deportation, at worst - with a prison term. Also you will have to constantly take care of the extension of your visa.
Own business
Foreigners often open in Thailand cafes, hotels, rental services, shops.
According to the laws of the country, a foreigner can own only 49% of the company, and 51% must belong to the Thai.
Therefore, the action scheme looks like this:
Find Thai partners. You can start with small projects and make sure that a colleague can be trusted, or go to a specialized law firm, where they will be provided with a "dummy" Thai for a fee and will issue relevant documents.
Registration of business visa. Initially, a business visa is opened for a year, and then it is constantly renewed. For registration it is necessary that the company has an authorized capital of 2 million baht. Renewal is possible only if the company is profitable. Requirements and necessary documents for registration - on the website of the Embassy of Thailand.
Search for a room for the registration of the office of the company. You can get acquainted with the offers here and here.
Registration of the organization. The registration process is similar to the Russian one. First, you need to determine the organizational and legal form, goals and activities of the company. Then choose the name of the company, book it and no later than 30 days to issue a memorandum of association. After this, it is necessary to hold a meeting of shareholders, and within the next 3 months - to apply for the registration of the company in the Ministry of Trade. After that, you get your tax identification number (Tax ID) and a VAT registration certificate at the tax authority. From that moment the company is considered open. To simplify the task, you can turn to a law firm that will help you understand the intricacies of Thai law regarding small businesses and prepare all the necessary documents.