How much does living in Bangkok cost: housing, transportation, food in the capital of Thailand

Bangkok attracts travelers with exotic exotics, active nightlife, the possibility of visa-free entry for a month and inexpensive hotels in comparison with the same Europe. In the autumn of this year, throughout the country, mourning was declared in connection with the death of the King - most of the townspeople wear black and white clothes, mourning tapes and posters are hung around the capital. However, the flow of tourists does not decrease. In November, their country visited 9% more, and Russians - for all 23%. Moreover, from December to February, the visa fee is canceled - and therefore the number of foreigners, charmed by temples, parks and bars on the roofs of skyscrapers, will only grow.

How much does the people of Bangkok earn and what they spend money on?

Up to 10,000 baht (287 dollars) - low income
25 000 baht (694 dollars) - the average income
From 80 000 baht (2200 dollars) - high income
from 8000 baht (220 dollars)
The most common type of housing is apartments in condominiums, or condos. In addition to the apartments themselves, there are common areas - often a gym and a swimming pool. The price for a decent apartment starts from 8-10 thousand baht. In more prestigious areas, rates are doubled and reach 16 thousand for a condo with 1 bedroom and 26 thousand - for 2. However, the price may depend not only on the area, but also on the tenant's mood: after seeing a European, some raise the price. Water, Internet and electricity will cost about 2000 baht.
from 1400 baht (39 dollars)
Initially, the main mode of transport in the city were boats that moved through the canals. Then here there were buses (the British retro-cars till now go on a city). In the 80's began to go trains SkyTrain, plying on rails above the ground. In 2004 the MRT metro was opened. Travel for a month is 1,400 baht. In addition to the metro, many citizens use a taxi. It is inexpensive: 40 baht for the first kilometer, and for 8 - for the next 3.
from 1000 baht (27 dollars)
Local employers, as a rule, pay basic medical insurance to their employees, but it does not cover everything. Therefore, expats prefer to buy an additional policy, which costs from 1000 baht per month, or go to paid specialists (about 1200 baht per reception).
from 8000 baht (220 dollars)
In the city there are big hypermarkets like Big C, located in huge shopping centers, and 7 Eleven shops, working on every corner. And if in small shops mostly snacks are sold, then in supermarkets you can find exotic fruits, fresh bread, and chilled fish, and dairy products familiar to Europeans. In addition, the city has traditional markets. Perhaps the most spectacular are the floating markets that open on weekends in different parts of the city: traders sell fruits, vegetables and other food directly from boats.
Purchase of products for several days for a couple will cost in 1000 - 1500 baht. However, many townspeople do not prepare at home, preferring inexpensive cafes and street food.
The cost of entertainment is very individual. Some people can walk around one of the spacious city parks and a mango with sticky rice for 50 baht ($ 1.4). Families with children often travel to the parks of Siam Park City and Dream World, which cost 900 - 1300 baht (25-36 dollars) at the weekend.
Dinner at the restaurant will cost 1500 baht for two ($ 42). A bottle of beer will cost 80 baht, or 2 dollars, and a couple of cocktails in a bar on the roof of a skyscraper - 500 baht (14 dollars). And for 5-8 thousand baht (150-220 dollars) you can relax from the metropolis, leaving for the island of Chang or the seaside of Hua Hin.