10 Reasons to Invest in Thailand Real Estate

Growth of popularity of the country among tourists
According to the MasterCard rating, Thailand became the leader of tourists' attendance in 2016. Accordingly, both demand and housing prices are growing here. If you invest in the construction of a residential complex now, then the apartment will rise in price in a few years and will always be popular with tourists.
Most companies-developers have taken into account the tourist interest in the Kingdom: their new projects are universal. It is convenient to live here, and if necessary, housing can be used as a hotel room and a source of guaranteed passive income.
Stable growth in the real estate market
The real estate market in Thailand is one of the busiest in Southeast Asia. The experts forecast the highest growth in the luxury sector. This is the most free and demanded niche, because here it is expected the appearance of new interesting objects and the growth of profitability.
According to experts, the main reasons for the stability of Thailand's property market are:
reliable and transparent sources of financing;
effective anti-crisis management;
high demand, especially in the elite housing sector.
Guaranteed income
Real estate should primarily bring income to the owner. Thailand offers buyers a huge selection of programs for passive income and a guaranteed return on investment.
Developers are interested in selling new apartments and offer purchase terms that can not be found in any other country! For example, the return on investment program in the Pandora Residences project allows an investor to earn up to 15% per annum for 3 years.
High standard of living and safety
The Kingdom compares favorably in terms of living standards from neighboring countries. No political crises could shake the stable baht (inflation 0.11%) and violate the country's economic stability. Here, the lowest unemployment rate according to Bloomberg data in 2016 is only 1%.
Thailand was one of the three most secure countries in South-East Asia in 2015. And in 2016, the UN noted the government's efforts to protect the rights and freedoms of Thai citizens and expats, as well as measures to combat corruption and crime. Security and a strong economy provide the buyer of real estate with the conditions for a quiet rest and stable income.
Transparency and ease of purchase
The construction boom in Thailand is not a trend in recent years. The country attracted developers in the first years of tourists' interest in it. Already in the late 1980s, Thailand created a transparent and simple legislative framework for the purchase of real estate by foreigners.
Most of the developers of Thailand have their own staff of lawyers. They provide services for consulting, support and guaranteeing the legal transparency of the transaction. No pitfalls!
Tourist regions are waiting for renovation
In Thailand, are preparing a large-scale renovation of tourist regions. So, the super popular Pattaya will soon replace the image of the night party center for "the best city in the world for family and sports recreation." As part of the project, the government is preparing a reconstruction of the embankment and construction of sports grounds.
The island of Phuket, where today the construction of new real estate is being actively carried out, is expected to develop in several directions. By 2021 a high-speed tram line will be built. The infrastructure for servicing large yachts and regattas will be expanded. Also, the government plans to make the island a regional IT-center. These changes also stimulate the growth of property prices.
Great experience in property management
Thai developers have long and successfully managed the real estate investor. As a rule, the developer transfers control of a complex of a well-known hotel network or his own department. For example, when buying an apartment in a new project Pandora Residences the investor is guaranteed a rental income without any care for its maintenance.
The management company assumes the accommodation of the apartment on all the major rental portals - Booking.com, Agoda, Airbnb, etc. And also all the worries about accommodation and escorting the guests: check-in, check-out, cleaning, washing of bed linen, maintenance of the apartment in proper condition, shuttle bass to the nearest beaches and supermarkets.
Site for relocation for permanent residence
Thailand experienced several waves of migration and became the second home for hundreds of thousands of foreigners. The first country was opened by the Americans, followed by rich Europeans, Russians, Arabs and India. Life near the beach and the sea is the cherished dream of many!
Investing in real estate will become a reliable foundation for the move. For example, if you buy an apartment for yourself in the new project Pandora Residences and conclude an agreement with the developer, you will be able to receive 5% per annum from the investment for 3 years. While you are preparing for the move, the new house brings you income!
Transport accessibility
Every year, tens of millions of tourists visit Thailand. Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the largest air harbors in the world, and regional expansion and reconstruction projects have been developed for regional airports.
All regions of Thailand are connected with the capital by modern highways, bus and ferry services are developed between the resort regions. With neighboring countries, Thailand is connected by air routes of major carriers of Asia and regional loukosterov.
Developed infrastructure
The tourist boom and the influx of expats gave impetus to the development of Thai infrastructure. Today there are several dozens of resort regions in the country with unlimited opportunities for recreation.
Education, the health and welfare system of Thailand is called one of the best in Southeast Asia. This proves the lowest in the world percentage of unfortunate people according to the annual Bloomberg index. In most universities, teaching is conducted in English, which makes the country attractive to foreign students. In short, Thailand's real estate will definitely grow in price!