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The desire to buy houses in Pattaya arises with more and more loyal tourists. And this is a very rational financial solution, because sale houses in Pattaya means that it is profitable and safe to invest money. Thousands of foreign buyers annually decide to Buy a villa in Pattaya, providing themselves with a permanent comfortable vacation spot in the resort area. A competent management of the houses in Pattaya allows you to cover maintenance costs and receive income from the acquired property. Realizing all the indisputable advantages of acquiring Thai real estate, the question arises: How to buy house in Pattaya? The correct answer to this will be the appeal to professional realtors. Experienced speaking experts of the agency Casa Siam Property Co. Ltd will give you a full consultation if you want to by villas in Pattaya. You will receive all information about the ongoing and completed projects in Pattaya, houses prices and answers to questions about the legal registration of the transaction. Full and qualified help will allow you to understand the offers of the market, and make a choice - to buy a villa in Pattaya.

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Price for Sale (Thai Baht) 7,500,000
Price for Rent (Thai Baht) 50,000
Daily : N/A
Weekly : N/A
Monthly : 50,000
Bed(s) : 5
Bath(s) : 4
Living Space : 752 sqm.
Plot Size : 370 sqm.
Price for Sale (Thai Baht) 7,950,000
Bed(s) : 2
Bath(s) : 2
Living Space : 175 sqm.
Plot Size : 356 sqm.
Price for Sale (Thai Baht) 8,900,000
Bed(s) : 3
Bath(s) : 4
Living Space : 260 sqm.
Plot Size : 153 sqm.
Price for Sale (Thai Baht) 9,900,000
Bed(s) : 5
Bath(s) : 5
Living Space : 335 sqm.
Plot Size : 500 sqm.
Price for Sale (Thai Baht) 10,500,000
Bed(s) : 4
Bath(s) : 4
Living Space : 0 sqm.
Plot Size : 400 sqm.