What can we see in Phuket?

Magnificent sandy beaches, crystal, azure sea, rich underwater world, unique national parks, true tropical jungles and in addition to all this - exotic nightlife: numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Sea Kayak : Andaman Sea Kayak - This is an excursion into the unique world of sea caves and lagoons created by nature for thousands of years. You will have the pleasure to visit one of the most interesting places in Thailand Phang-Nga Bay - the National Marine Park. On board a small canoe you will have an unforgettable trip. Through narrow tunnels you will find yourself in the center of a very beautiful lagoon. Explore the magnificent sea caves.

Fanta Sea
In this park you will have the chance to watch an unforgettable exotic show dedicated to the history of Thailand. This is a magnificent performance in Las Vegas Styria, which in an interesting way unites Thai folklore, magic performance, air ballet, acrobatic body, circus numbers with more than 30 elephants, numerous birds and buffaloes. Walking along the streets of the park, you will enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the lakes and the squares with fountains and palaces. You will also have the chance to enjoy the Thai Royal roast dinners at the Golden Palace restaurant, serving mythological heavenly birds.

Island Pi-Pi
Exceptional beauty, coral reefs and the caves of the Andaman Pirates. Here you can swim at will, while underwater diving lovers will find themselves in the kingdom of coral and bright fish. These islands will hit you with their landscapes, coves and magnificent beaches.