Welcome to Koh Lanta Island

 This beautiful island in the Andaman Sea managed to avoid mass tourism for many years. Easily accessible (less than 80 km from Krabi International Airport), Koh Lanta offers a full range of services. On the island there is a wide choice of places of residence: from inexpensive bungalows to five-star hotels, besides this fine restaurants, diving schools, guides and almost any services for tourists that you can imagine. There is also everything necessary for comfortable long-term living, namely a hospital, a dentist, a post office, a police station, a fire station and an international school.

Koh Lanta is one of the longest kept secrets of Thailand

Just a few years ago, foreigners and developers discovered the potential of this island. This archipelago, consisting of 52 islands (of which only two inhabited) is remarkable for its unmatched beauty. Clean water, beaches, forests, a national park and the friendliness of locals - this is what you need to experience on yourself. Most of the forests on the island are reserved and this is a guarantee that Ko Lanta will never be overbuilt and will always retain the delightful natural beaches and rainforests that you will be able to explore.
The Lanta Archipelago is located 70 km south of the city of Krabi off the southern coast of Thailand. It includes two large islands - Lanta-Noi and Lanta-Yai, as well as about 50 small islands. On Lanta Noi there are no beaches and hotels, it is full of mangroves. The resort area is on the island of Lanta-Yai. This is the largest island in the province of Krabi, its length from north to south is 27 km. You can get to the island by ferry from the city of Krabi or from the island of Phi Phi.
The eastern part of Lanta-Yai is mountainous and covered with tropical forests. The main beaches are in the western part of the island, there are only about 9. From the north of the village of Ban Saladan, where the ferry comes, and further to the south for 25 km stretch sandy beaches along which lined bungalow hotels. The northernmost beach of the island - Klong-Dao - has the most developed infrastructure and is most popular among tourists. This three-kilometer beach with white sand. It is located 2 km from Ban Saladan. The coastal waters are calm here, so even children can swim on Klong Dao. Then follows the beach Long. It stretches for 4 km, the hotels are located far enough from it and the coastal waters are not as calm as in Klong Dao. The beach of Klong Kong is surrounded by palm trees and is known for its hotels. Here you can find a lot of dive centers. The beach of Klong Nin is surrounded by coconut trees, pine trees and a tropical forest. It is suitable for a measured, relaxing holiday. The beaches of the southern part of the west coast of the island are less popular among tourists, because it is rather difficult to get there by the local "broken" road. They are surrounded by mountains and a rainforest. There are such beaches as Ao Nui, Bamboo Bay and Klong Jark. On the very south of the island is the National Marine Park of Lanta. On its territory you can see two beaches - Beauty-Stone and Palm Beach. In the vicinity of the beaches there are no hotels and bars, because here begins the protected area. On the beaches, only picnics are allowed. In the park there are many hiking trails, as well as a wide variety of vegetation and birds. In the southern end of the park stands a lighthouse, which is a symbol of the island.
The Lanta Archipelago is ideal for diving enthusiasts. The main and best places for scuba diving are small islands of the archipelago. The group of islands of Ko-Ha is under the protection of the National Marine Park. Here you can see more than 200 kinds of colorful corals, underwater caves, about 100 species of tropical fish and even whale sharks. Among the divers is very popular group of islands Ko-Rock with the surrounding coral reef. This place is perfect for snorkelling. Coastal waters of the island of Ko-Rock Nye are considered the cleanest in the region - the underwater visibility here is excellent.
On the south-eastern coast of the island of Lanta-Yai is the city of Lanta. It has an Art Gallery, Buddhist and Chinese temples and small markets where local residents sell souvenirs.
In the center of the island are the caves of May-Kai, they can be reached by footpath through the forest. The entrance to the caves is a small hole in the mountain, but when moving into the depths of their halls are becoming more and more. In the underground labyrinth you can see stalactites, stalagmites and lakes where you can swim. It is not recommended to travel alone in caves. Not far from here is a Muslim community, whose members are willingly invited to be guides for a small fee.
In the southern part of the island are interesting several villages, where the marine gypsies Chao-Le live. Gypsies live in houses on piles, at the time of low tide the piles are bare, and during the tide a feeling is created that the houses are floating on the water. They are engaged in fishing, not only men, but also women. Having been here, you will become acquainted with their way of life and traditions.
Also worth going to the Orchid Farm, which is located on Long Beach, ride on an elephant, watch Thai boxing and, of course, experience all the delights of Thai massage.
Just think ...
at any time of the year, even at the height of the season, you can jump on the scooter and literally in a few minutes find an absolutely empty beach.  A beautiful beach with white sand, a turquoise sea and sun setting behind the distant islands on the horizon.

About this on the islands of Phuket, Pattaya or Koh Samui can not even dream of.

But you can not only dream, but also call this place a home. ... not just your second home.
Not surprisingly, Koh Lanta topped the list of investors with such a high return on investment in real estate
Annually prices steadily grow by 25-30 percent, but purchasing prices are still much lower than prices for the same property in Phuket and Koh Samui.
At a time when the world is facing economic problems, it is extremely wise to invest in the island of the future - Koh Lanta.