Visa to Thailand

  A visa is a document issued to a foreign citizen by the Thai government, pasted or staked in a passport that gives the right to enter the country for a certain period.
  Any visa has a validity period - a period during which a foreigner can use a visa to enter the country. The expiry date is determined by the embassy/consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand and is indicated in the visa in the column "Date of expiry" or "Enter before".
When entering the country, a Thai immigration officer at the border puts a stamp of permission to stay in Thailand. The stamp indicates the date of entry and the date you are required to leave Thailand. In certain cases, the term of stay in Thailand can be increased in any office of the Immigration Bureau inside Thailand by applying for an extension of the period of stay, while providing the necessary documents. If you do not leave the country at the time specified on the stamp, you will have to pay a fine of 500 Batt for each day of visa-free stay in the country.
For Russian citizens planning to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for tourism purposes for less than 30 days, visa-free entry is open. In case of visa-free entry, when crossing the border, the border service officer of Thailand must present a passport with a validity of at least 6 months and a completed migration card. A passport must have at least two blank pages. Citizens of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan can receive a visa upon arrival ("VISA ON ARRIVAL" -the period of stay in the country is 15 days) at international airports. Attention, there is no visa at the land borders!
Citizens of Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus must apply for visas to Thailand in advance at the consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand. Visa on arrival (VISA ON ARRIVAL) is not issued for citizens of these countries. The time for issuing visas for Tajik citizens is 15 days.
To obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport (VISA ON ARRIVAL) it is necessary to provide:
A) Passport (valid for at least six months from the date of the planned date of entry into the country)
B) 1 photo (3x4 or 4x6) (made not earlier than 6 months before visa application)
B) Copy of the ticket
D) A migration card issued in an airplane
E) Visa application form - the questionnaire is filled by tourists independently, by hand. The questionnaire is issued by the migration services of the airport or, if available, is filled in advance
Do not forget, the Thai Airport Migration Service has the legal right to ask tourists to show cash, as proof of solvency while staying in Thailand - 10,000 Batt per person or 20,000 Batt per family.
The cost of the visa upon arrival at the airport (VISA ON ARRIVAL) is 1000 baht (about $ 30).
Citizens of the Russian Federation and CIS countries wishing to extend their stay in Thailand for more than 30 days with different purposes, must first contact the Thai Consulate in order to open a non-immigrant Visa or tourist visa for a period of three months to one year with the possibility Further extension of the period of stay in the country.
List of documents required for obtaining a tourist visa of Thailand in the CIS consulates:
1) completed application form
2) one photo format 3.5 x 4.5
3) a copy of the tickets in two directions
4) Passport valid for more than 6 months
5) Certificate from the bank about the status of your account or a copy of traveler's checks not less than 20 000 baht (650 USD) per person; For the spouses, one deposit per family 40,000 baht (1300 USD) is allowed upon the provision of a copy of the marriage certificate.
6) certificate from the place of work or training in English with the indication of the position and salary for the last 6 months.
7) copy of medical insurance for the whole stay in Thailand
When issuing a two-month ("semi-annual") tourist visa to Thailand, you must additionally provide proof of the need for two entries to the country for the specified period (a copy of the ticket or a copy of the hotel reservation in a third country)
To apply for visas for children, you must provide:
1. Picture 3x4.
2. A copy of the birth certificate.
3. If not one parent travels with the child, but one, then a notarized authorization from the parent remains, which remains, for the trip of the children with the other parent.
If you have a tourist visa in your passport, at the airport in Thailand you will have to show your passport and a completed immigration card.
Non-immigrant Visa is issued to individuals who wish to visit the Kingdom of Thailand in the following cases:
• performance of official duties (category "F")
• Doing your business/work (category "B")
• the study, study or observation visit, participation in seminars or projects, attendance at conferences and training courses, teaching as a foreign Buddhist monk (category «ED»)
The best educational centers and schools have a quality certificate and a license from the Ministry of Education of Thailand, which gives them the right to provide their students with a full package of documents for obtaining a student visa.
• Other activities (category "O"), for example:
• a) accommodation with family
• b) performance of duties for state enterprises or social organizations
C) residing after retirement (applying for a pension visa in Thailand is possible after reaching the age of 50 years and having a deposit in the bank of 800,000 baht.)
D) treatment,
• e) work as a sports coach under a contract of the Thai State, e) participate as a party or witness in a lawsuit.
At registration, it is necessary to remember, that the list of necessary documents for reception of the visa to Thailand depends on necessity and suitability of the purpose specified by you in the questionnaire.
At the same time, a consular officer reserves the right to request any additional documents that he deems necessary. It should be noted that copies of all documents of the company must be signed by the director and sealed with the company's seal, and the visa-recipient must sign on each page of the copy.
All documents in other languages are compulsorily translated into Thai or English with the notarization of a notary or consulate / diplomatic body
To obtain a non-immigrant visa (Visa), you must submit the following documents, corresponding to the purpose of your trip.
• A completed visa application form
• Passport or with a validity of at least 6 months. For the registration of an annual visa, the validity of the passport should not be less than 18 months.
• Photo size (4x6 cm), taken no more than 6 months
• Confirmation of financial condition (20,000 baht per person and 40,000 baht per family)
• Birth certificate (for the registration of a category "O" visa, for the registration of a guardian visa for one of the parents for the training of a minor child in Thailand)
• Certificate of marriage or equivalent document ("O")
• Diploma/notice of accepting an offer from schools/universities or institutions ("ED")
• An official note confirming the purpose of the trip from government agencies / Embassies and Consulates / Domestic organizations / State-owned enterprises in Thailand .. ("F" / "B" / "ED")
The largest package of documents is needed for registration of a nonimmigrant visa of the "B" category (Non-immigrant Visa (B)
• Confirmed letter from the Ministry of Labor of Thailand ("B")
• letter from the company confirming the purpose of the trip to Thailand ("B")
• A document showing the existence of a business relationship with a trading partner in Thailand. ("B") - an invitation from a company that has the right to hire foreigners ("B")
• a labor contract with a reasonable explanation of both hiring and his / her salary, position, and qualifications (the document must be signed by the manager or director and sealed by the company seal) ("B")
• A copy of the work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor (for those who previously worked in the kingdom)
• a copy of the cooperation document:
A) list of shareholders
B) business registration and license
C) company profile
D) details of the business operation
E) a list of foreign workers with the name, nationality, and position
(E) A map showing the location of the company.
G) balance sheet, profit and loss account, entrepreneur's income tax for the last year
G) declaration on income tax of a foreigner
H) registration of the value-added tax and so on, ("B")
• a copy of the diploma of the qualification of that person, a letter of recommendation from the previous employer indicating the job description and the maintenance period. ("B")
• a document indicating the number of foreign tourists (a business tourist only), or an export transaction document issued by the bank (only for export business) ("B"),