Transport in Bangkok:

Public transport: Public buses are a lot and are not expensive. Ticket prices vary between 3.5 or 20 baht depending on where you are traveling. Buses with air conditioning in Bangkok cost between 6.8 and 18 baht. Red and green air-conditioned vans riding on distant urban distances cost 20 baht. 
With a bus route you can get in most hotels and bookstores.

Taxis and Here Here: Hotel taxis have fixed rates. Public taxis are air-conditioned, they are comfortable and their charge starts at 35 baht for the first 3 km and approximately 5 baht for each next kilometer.

Moto Rickshaw "Here Here" - this three-wheeled taxi is one of the symbols of Thailand. They are used for short distance travel and their price varies between 20 and 100 baht depending on where you choose to go. The price has to be negotiated in advance as there is no kilometer.

Taxi Motorcycle: The fastest way to get through the traffic in major cities of Thailand is a taxi motorcycle. Look for a driver with a colored garment. The price is negotiated before the trip. Hold tight!

River Taxi: There are different types of boats that cross the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Private "cigarette boats" are fast and convenient for walking through the vast river network. A two-hour private tour costs about 500 baht. A public boat ride is worth 15 bahts (from Khlong Toei to Nonthaburi). The tour takes about an hour. Shorter trips can cost about 5 bats (for example, from one river to the other).

"Skytrain" / Sky Train: This is a high street electric train that runs on two lines - Silom and Sukhumvit, with the train station where the transfer from one train to another is Siam Square. This train is an excellent way to stay above the congestion caused by lively traffic. The cost of transportation by this train costs from 10 to 40 baht depending on the duration of the trip. Trains run daily from 6.00 am until midnight.

Airport Transfer: Bangkok's new airport is 35 km east of the city. It is one of the largest in the world and has the capacity to serve 12 million passengers per year.