Welcome to the island of Koh Chang Island

 Thanks to the newly opened Trat Airport, the "lurking pearl" of Koh Chang can now be reached by a short flight from Bangkok. It is possible to cross the mainland to a paradise island on a ferry or on one of our private shuttle boats. If you need to moor to the island of Koh Chang on your private yacht, then at our disposal, of course, our pier own project.

According to the plans of the Thai government, the island of Koh Chang should acquire great importance in the coming years. Koh Chang should be mentioned along with such places of dreams and dreams as Phuket or Koh Samui.
The island is part of the Mu Koch Chang Marine National Park and is 85% covered with forest. A large area is occupied by a large nature reserve so that as much as 35% of the total area of the island (429 km2) can be developed. This guarantees the attractiveness and beauty of the island in the future.
Chang Island, which in Thai means "Elephant", is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. It is located about 400 km southeast of Bangkok in the province of Trat near the border with Cambodia. Previously, this island was known as a resort on which the wealthy inhabitants of Thailand mostly rested, who found peace, comfort and the opportunity to relax peacefully from the city bustle. Currently, Chang Island is becoming increasingly popular among foreign visitors who prefer privacy in the virgin tropical corner to the noise and fun prevailing in traditional Thai resorts. Foreigners are attracted by the opportunity to relax on an exotic island, where the civilization does not dominate the wild nature and the resort infrastructure does not yet resemble the "urban jungle".
Most of the island's territory is covered with mountains and jungles, inhabited by many rare species of tropical animals and plants. In 1982, Chang and several nearby islands were merged into the Marine National Park in order to preserve and enhance the unique flora and fauna of this region of Thailand. The island is ideally suited for mountain and hiking tours and is replete with steep paths, inaccessible rocks, and beautiful waterfalls. Lovers of sea and beach recreation will also appreciate the magnificent and empty beaches covered with snow-white sand, as well as the rich and diverse underwater world of coral reefs surrounding the island.
All the most famous beaches of Chang Island are located along its western coast. The most popular of these is the White Sand Beach. It is the longest in distance and is famous for the abundance of small coastal bars and restaurants where travelers from many countries of the world can be met. Klong Prao beach is a very quiet and secluded place, drowning in the shade of coconut palms. Its sandy strip is crossed across a small and surprisingly warm lagoon, which can be waded in the low tide. At Kai Bae beach, it's best to watch the sun go down. It offers a beautiful view of the many small islands that can be reached by kayaking.
The combination of a clean warm sea, picturesque mountains, pristine jungles and a unique "village" atmosphere make Chang Island especially attractive for a relaxing holiday not associated with noisy nightlife. It is ideal for those who want to spend their holidays closer to nature and enjoy its unique beauty and grandeur.
From the infrastructure of the island, everything that a civilized person needs is represented. There is an international hospital, police, post office, a lot of ATMs and 24-hour shops. In the places of greatest concentration of hotels (on the west coast), the number of small bars, souvenir shops, shops, restaurants grows. In these restaurants, you can taste dishes of both Thai and European cuisines, as well as seafood that is especially fresh, because the main activity of local residents is sea fishing.

How to get there.

Koh Chang can be reached from Bangkok (4-5 hours en route) or Pattaya (2-3 hours en route) by car to the ferry, and then by sea ferry. The ferry sails for 30 minutes, plus waiting for a queue for about 30 minutes. The hotels are located from the ferry to the island from 10 to 30 minutes drive. 10 minutes from the ferry to the mainland there is Trat airport with direct connection to Bangkok - 2-3 flights a day, in flight 50 minutes.


1. Klong Pli Waterfall A stream of water 10 meters high drops down into the bowls, the lower one of which is ideal for bathing in depths of up to 7 meters. A pedestrian walk of about 500 meters long awaits you, after which you will feel an indescribable pleasure from swimming in the cool fresh water of the waterfall.
2. Walking on elephants Unusual journey through the thick of the rainforest, where from the backs of these amazing animals you admire the bamboo thickets, rubber giants, the largest citrus - Pamela, giant banana grass.
3. Walking along the tops of trees First in Costa Rica, then in the jungles of Orinoco, then about. Samui, and more recently on the island of Chang you can feel yourself a real resident of the forest, crossing the distance along the branches and treetops. This project of the French company "Tree Top World" gives an opportunity to feel an easy extreme for almost all tourists. The duration of the program is 2 hours.
4. Safari on quadricycles 2-hour safari on the primer, jungle, mud. Driving license is not required.
5. Diving Day tour 2 dives to a depth of 6-12 meters in the area of congestion of coral reefs.
6. Flight on a single-engine monoplane A unique opportunity to see the island from a bird's eye view with the ability to capture and photograph the wonderful landscapes of the island.
7. Day cruise on the islands with snorkeling. Journey through the islands of the national marine park of Chang Island with stops in the most beautiful places of the archipelago, where, having received masks with tubes, you can admire the wonderful underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand. On board will be offered a delicious lunch of European and Thai meat dishes, as well as a variety of seafood dishes. Non-alcoholic drinks are included.