Thailand an accessible dream

I have been traveling to Thailand for many years, and lately, several times a year. I think I already know a little about the country and the morals of the people who inhabit it. I traveled through markets, temples, palaces, hotels and islands, swam in the South China and Andaman Seas, fed in expensive restaurants and street stalls. I love the spicy Thai cuisine, the aesthetics of the local design, the peaceful dignity of the Thai people and their ability to please their guests! I do not like the terrible traffic in the big cities and the sticky damp during the rainy months!

Whenever I land in Bangkok, I say I've seen everything! But every time I refute because in Thailand everything changes, sometimes before you finish the sentence! 
Yet what is the kingdom?

Thailand means "a Party of Liberty," and in the course of its 800-year history, the Thais can boast the fact that they are the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized.A long time before the emergence of the Thai kingdom in the 12th century , the area known as the Chao Praia Valley was inhabited by an ancient civilization that can be traced back to prehistoric times. The Kingdom is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, covers an area of ​​513,115 square kilometers and extends about 1,620 km north to south and 750 km east to west. Thailand borders on the west with Myanmar, north with Laos, east with Laos and Cambodia and south with Malaysia. This is a country with a warm and damp monsoon climate. There are 3 main seasons in the year, which, as the Thais are joking, are warm, warmer and warmest. Temperatures are the highest in March and April between 28 and 38 degrees Celsius, with the largest amount of precipitation falling in July and August, but in practice mainly in the northern part of the country. The population is approximately 66 million, the national language is Thai, and English is widely spoken and understood in major cities and tourist centers.

Once it is the Kingdom, Thailand is ruled by a king. The state is a constitutional monarchy, governed by a democratically elected government, and the supreme sovereign is the king, who is now NV. Boombola Adoulaide - Rama IX. In 2008, His Majesty celebrated his 80th anniversary and 60 years of taking over the royal power. He is the longest-ruling king in the modern history of mankind.

The parliament is two-chamber. It consists of 200 members of the Senate and 500 members of the National Assembly elected by the population. The Prime Minister is elected by the members of the National Assembly.
The country is divided into 76 provinces run by appointed governors and the capital Bangkok is governed by a governor-elect, and the city is divided into 36 districts. And to finish the performance, I will add that about 50% of the working population is employed in agriculture, which in no way makes the country merely agricultural, because Thailand is the third largest producer and exporter of rubber in the world, one of the first places in the production of computers and parts for them, there are 5 factories for production of cars, and the airport in Bangkok is one of the largest in the world. She has sent two communications satellites in space. The country has nearly 70,000 km of roads, about 4,000 km of railways and just as many inland waterways. Every year, Thailand is visited by over 10 million foreign tourists, which leave the state more than $ 15 billion in revenue. And they do it with pleasure!

The Thais are one of the loveliest, most polite and smiling people in the world. They smile everywhere and everything. Only this fact makes you feel happy all the time you are there. Maybe because they are Buddhists, religion has defined their way of life and thinking. They respect everyone and everything. To get used to smiling and respecting is the first important lesson. Everywhere - on the busiest streets, skyscrapers, bank offices, or residential buildings, there are small chapels with statues of Buddha. As they pass by them, the Thais worship. In front of the chapels are placed plates with aromatic and aromatic sticks. These smells are mixed with the smell of cooked from the adjacent pavement and from this the whole state acquires a specific flavor.
Since it is always warm and inexpensive, Thailand lives as a resort. The abundance of different types of fish, meats, fruits and vegetables is unique. Around lunch, the streets of large cities and resorts are filled with grills and you can eat fried chicken, shrimps or hot soup with coconut milk in pennies. Rice is also abundant, yet Thailand is the number one rice exporter in the world.
If you love shopping, no doubt Thailand is one of the most suitable places in the world. The abundance of markets, shops and boutiques can not leave indifferent and the most pessimistic person. Everything is bought - from simple souvenirs to the fantastic Thai silk and boutique dresses of Ralph Lauren and Gucci. A is bought because prices are uncompetitive. Of course, in this ocean of commodity, not everything is original, but the counterfeit does the same thing, and what you pay for it !? A special attraction for tourists is the Patong nightclub, where you can choose the most prestigious 40-50 US dollar brands and models to serve you faithfully for at least a few years. you will spoil the boss from the sale and get you trash.

If you've dreamed of escaping from stifling cold in the winter, from gray everyday life and boredom, do not hesitate to choose the Kingdom of Thailand.

I do not want to bore you with descriptions of the wonderful palaces and temples abounding in gold and exquisite architecture, the amazing beaches and breathtaking beauty of coral reefs, the charm of the jungle and the dozens of elephant, crocodile or snake farms. Let them be a surprise for you! I would like you to try the taste of Asia by visiting Thailand because it is a very affordable destination and it is worth the effort to overcome these 7,950 kms that share Sofia from Bangkok. I assure you will not regret!