Required documents for obtaining a visa at the Embassy of Thailand

 If you plan to stay in Thailand for more than three months, you need a non-tourist visa. To obtain this visa, you need to collect a package of necessary documents:
• Foreign passport (valid for at least six months)
• an invitation from the company of Thailand (for obtaining a business visa)
• copies of the  passport: name and surname
• completed application form
• for employees: a certificate from the place of work, issued on a letterhead (indicating income over 6,000  per month), an extract from the bank account
• for non-working people: a handwritten commitment by the sponsor to provide finance for residence in Thailand
• for pensioners: a snapshot of the pension certificate
• for children: a photograph of the birth certificate, a certificate of school performance
• photo 3x4 - 4x6, black and white or color
NB: a stay on an expired visa in Thailand costs 500 baht for each day.