How often, being in the middle of dusty close megacities, being preoccupied with their own affairs, we want to be in some paradise where we could have a wonderful rest!
Phuket Island is a real pearl of Thailand. Phuket is an amazing place, which every person must visit.


Important facts.

The province of Phuket is located in the southwestern part of Thailand. Its borders are washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea, and the island is connected to the mainland by means of a large bridge.
Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and one of the most popular tourist destinations from around the world. The area of the province is 543 square kilometers, in addition to the main island is also 39 very small. From the Malay language the name "Phuket" is translated as "hill". The province was named so because from afar all its islands are very reminiscent of hills. First Phuket was called "Thalang" (translated into Russian as "Cape"), later the island was renamed. However, even today the northern part of Phuket is still called Thalang.

A bit of history.

Even in ancient times, the island of Phuket was the main point of trade between India and China. Information about this wonderful province is found in numerous ancient magazines of foreign ships that have survived to our time. In Phuket, tin and rubber were mined, initially these articles were the main part of the province's budget. A lot of mines worked here, however, when the prices for alloys fell, the mines were abandoned. In the 80s of last century, tourists from all over the world began to fly to Phuket, wishing to relax on the fabulously beautiful sandy beaches of the island. It was then that tourism in this area began to develop very actively. Today, tourism is the main source of income for the island.
In 2004, a terrible tsunami struck Thailand, which left a serious imprint not only in the hearts of local residents, but the entire world community: a huge number of buildings were destroyed, many local residents were left without a roof over their heads. Fortunately, now all the houses have already been restored.

"The capital of the island"

The capital of the province is of the same name - Phuket, today it has about 76 thousand people. The bulk of the population are Chinese.
Planning a vacation on the island, be sure to include in the list of places that are required to visit, the capital of Phuket. Here you can admire the amazing architecture: in the center of the city there are a lot of buildings made in Sino-Portuguese style, as well as combining different architectural styles: European and traditional Thai, Chinese and many others. The variety of beautiful buildings makes truly Phuket a unique city.

Beaches of the island

More detailed information about each beach you can find in the relevant section of our website. It is worth noting especially the fact that the beaches of Phuket are considered to be among the most beautiful in the whole world. Here you are sure to find an area that will fully correspond to your ideas: intended for active recreation lovers or an area with a developed nightlife. It seems that nature specially created for paradise and quiet lovers created truly paradise beaches in Phuket. Do you want to relax your soul? Go to one of these fabulous places.

Phuket Attractions

Despite the fact that the area of the island is relatively small, there are many unique sights. Each has its own unique history, each is a reflection of the country's culture. We invite you to visit the "Phuket Attractions" section of the website and decide which places you would like to visit during your holiday.