How to find a job in Thailand?

Many people are thinking about moving to Thailand permanent residence. Most immigrants like to live in Thailand all year, and not to come here on vacation. In this case, the question arises - "what to do in the country for 10 months?". The answer is unambiguous - we need a job.
This question (how to find work in Thailand?) Can be solved in two ways:
To become the owner of your company is the best option for those who have the means. In this case, a person employs himself and leads an interesting occupation (business). Fortunately, that the Thai law here does not put any rigid restrictions. The main thing is that such an employer regularly pays taxes on Russian employees, and at least five Thais are employed. If you do not want to hire Thai workers, then there is one more way out: for every Russian employee in the authorized capital, it is necessary to have 2 million Thai Baht.
Get a job is the way for those who want to live in Thailand, but do not have their own means. This is the way for young and fearless, wishing to live in Thailand. First, you need to get a non-immigrant business visa. For the first time, it is issued for a period of three months. The given visa gives the right to work in Thailand. It is necessary to focus on one important detail. If you have this visa, you can search for a job. For your employment, you need another document - a work permit. This is a work permit. Without this paper, you should not try to look for work in Thailand. Every foreigner who works without a work permit is punished by the law of the kingdom. A large fine is imposed, after its payment, deportation from the country without the right of entry is followed, and you can be sent to coconut and rubber plantations. Pleasant in this little.
If we talk about working in Thailand, then you need a work permit, like air. You can get this document right in the country. But the most important thing is to pay taxes. First, you will have to pay an amount in the amount of 15 to 30 thousand rubles for the sponsor's guarantee. First, you find an employer willing to take you to work. Then you write the work permit document together. And you pay his commission for you. After issuing the order, you can start working.
 Important points
The work permit will be issued for the same period as you specified in your visa. If your visa is issued for three months, then the permit will be for three months. Despite the fact that a second visa is issued for a year, the permit will still be for one month. The same period is specified in the stamp of the passport. This stamp is stamped at the entrance to the country. The date in the stamp is the last day of your stay in the country. Every three months you cross the border in order to obtain a new stamp for a period of three months. After each visa extension (stamp), you submit your work permit for renewal. A small fee is charged for updates.
The work permit can be issued only for one position. In the event that you decide to change jobs, the old permit must be closed and opened a new one. As a rule, pay again. So what to work with, it is better to be determined right away.
Do not forget about taxes. For each profession and field of activity, they are different. For Russian citizens, the tax is calculated on a wage basis, the minimum amount is 50 baht if your salary is 20 baht, then this is only your problem. In Thailand, it is reasonable to work only for "good money."
Criteria for obtaining a pension visa
It is necessary to apply to one of the embassies or consulates of Thailand to obtain a visa - "O" class Non-Immigrant. This is done before entering the country. The first time a visa is issued for a short period of time, but with the possibility of multiple visits. After the expiration of the bottom visa, you can apply for the registration of an annual multi-visa. And also you can get a new visa on the spot.
Visa documents
1. Application form T.M.7 (completed);
2. A copy of the passport;
3. One photograph is 4 x 6 cm;
4. Document on payment of the embassy fee (the amount depends on the place of submission of documents);
5. Documents proving a stable financial position;
6. A letter from the country of residence applying for a visa, containing information that he (she) wishes to move to Thailand for permanent residence.
7. For those who apply at the age of 50 years, there is a bank account in Thailand with the amount of 800,000 baht or a confirmation of monthly income to the account of an amount of at least 65,000 Thai Baht. To confirm the financial state, a combination of both options is possible. For example, 400,000 Thai baht in a bank account and monthly income of 32,500 baht.
8. If the applicant is ill or has poor health, he is sensitive to the climate of Thailand, residing in Thailand for a certain time, while at the age of 50 to 59 years, additional documents will be required. For example, a certificate that a person really lived in Thailand, and can live in the future because of the testimony of doctors.

When will the visa be ready?
You can get a visa for retirement on the day of applying to the migration service. It is necessary to provide documents confirming retirement, a bank certificate of financial solvency, with a date no later than the day of applying for a visa. A few years ago, this procedure took from three to four months, because all documents were confirmed in Bangkok. With the adoption of new laws, all such powers were delegated to local departments, which significantly intensified the process of obtaining a visa - "O".
You can find out the terms for obtaining a visa at the Embassy of Thailand.
A bank certificate on the material security of a pensioner (an amount not less than 800,000 baht) must include information that all funds have been credited to the account from abroad.
In case of an application for retirement, for example, when changing visas from a tourist to a working Non-Immigrant, continuing to receive a retirement visa, proof of visa must be presented in each of the cases listed.
Retired people and their spouses:
Pensioners who apply for a retirement visa and who have married a citizen of another state, for example, a Briton married to a Syrian citizen, have the right to apply for an O-class visa, subject to the same financial criteria: 800,000 baht for account, or receiving monthly transfers from abroad in an amount not less than 65,000 baht. If a citizen wishes to place a spouse in his visa, he must show proof that both men are married, in ordinary cases, there is enough evidence of marriage.