Why do we need a business - immigration to Thailand?
Over the past decade, the number of business immigrants to Thailand is growing in an arithmetic progression. What attracts people in this country? From the very fact of business immigration, you can already make a conclusion - it's profitable. In Thailand, excellent working conditions, as well as constantly adopted new social programs that allow you to feel protected.
The main income, the economy of Thailand receives from two areas of activity: agriculture - a quarter of the total GDP, and tourism. This is where the unique opportunities for business immigrants lie. Thailand, to date one of the most popular resorts in Southeast Asia. And this state is experiencing an unprecedented construction boom. Therefore, most Russian businessmen are trying to make investments in real estate in Thailand. And in fact, if you are interested in real estate investment, without Thailand you can not do. Investments in real estate in Thailand, a Russian businessman can pay back in two or three years. There are several reasons for this. A huge number of foreign tourists, especially Westerners, wanting to rent accommodation for recreation. And about the same number wanting to buy it, to be able to relax at any time from the labors of the righteous in this heavenly place.
And one more important detail. You also like it there. The mild climate, beautiful ecology, friendliness of the local population, in a country with a rich history is just what your relatives may not have enough. Thailand combines the opportunities for a promising business and comfortable rest.