Visas and Work Permits


Visa - is a document issued by a foreign citizen by the Government of Thailand, glued or delivered in the form of a stamp in the passport, which entitles entry into the country for a specified period.    

  Any visa has a shelf life – period during which the alien may use the visa to enter the country. Shelf life is determined by the embassy / consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand and indicated in the visa in the graph «Date of expiry» or «Enter before».    
  When entering the country, the Thai immigration officer at the border, put a stamp of his stay in Thailand. In the stamp indicates the date of entry and the date when you must leave Thailand. In some cases, duration of stay in Thailand can be increased in any office of the Immigration Bureau in Thailand by applying for extension of stay, while providing the necessary documents. In the case not to leave the country within the specified time stamp on - you will have to pay a fine of $ 500 for each day of Butt visa-free stay in the country.    

  The main types of visas and permits to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand   

  For the citizens of Russia and the States that have the right to stay in the country without a visa when crossing the border must present a passport with two blank pages, the validity of not less than 6 months from the date of entry, and a completed migration card. Particular attention is devoted by the authorities appearance of passport - the tourists with creased, damp, dirty, passports may be denied entry into the country. In the passport is stamped with the date of entry. Fee.   

  - 30-day visa-free entry. Citizens of Russia, from March 24, 2007, received a visa to enter Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days, unlimited number of times with no restrictions on the total period of stay. In this case, actually, no visa, but the border put free stamp, indicating the maximum length of stay in the country. When entering Thailand by land, in particular, across the border with Cambodia, a 30-day visa stamp put only if the ticket or reservation from Thailand within a period not exceeding 30 days from the moment of crossing the border. 

  - Single-entry tourist visa which has expired 3 months. Deposits are issued in advance of travel, the consulate of Thailand. Shelf life - 3 months from the date of issuance. When crossing the border with a visa stamp at 2 months stay. The term is allowed to renew once for an additional month in any branch of the Immigration Bureau in the country, paying the application fee. The cost of the extension of approximately 1,900 baht. Thus, the maximum period of stay in Thailand for single entry tourist visa is 3 months.   

  List of required documents for visa to Thailand

  (at the consulate / embassy before crossing the border of the Kingdom of Thailand) 

  To get visa at the Consular Section of the Embassy must submit the following documents: 

  1. 1. passport, expiry date is 6 months from the end of your trip;
     not less than 2 clean sheets in the passport dL affixing a visa;
      3. 2 color photos 3x4 cm; 
      4. completed application form signed by the applicant (application form);
      5. photocopy of the completed pages of internal passport;
      6. paid consular fee.
      7. certificate of employment on company letterhead indicating the position and the salary of the applicant
      8. financial support (bank statement, or Travel Checks (photocopy). utonyat amount must be at the consulate at the time of the questionnaire.

  Children are inscribed in the passport of parents, a separate application form is not filled, their data fit into the profile of parents, and the photos are pasted next to a photograph on the parent questionnaire. If the child has its own passport, the visa is issued to him as an adult. If the child leaves, accompanied by a parent or a third person to the questionnaire must attach a copy of a notarized consent to leave the child from the remaining parent (s).      

  List of required documents for visa to Thailand upon arrival at the airport in Thailand

  (for the States required to obtain a visa to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand, having the right to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport)

  To obtain visa upon arrival at the airport Thailand should be:

  1. passport, expiry date is 6 months from the end of the trip;
      2. not less than 2 clean sheets in the passport for affixing the visa;
      3. 2 color photos 3x4 cm and can be photographed upon arrival, which is inconvenient (around $ 10);
      4. Questionnaire for visa on arrival (to be completed in English letters);
      5. customs declaration;
      6. Travel vouchers, airline tickets;  

  The cost of opening a visa on arrival is about 28 USD (payment is accepted only in local currency (Butt)). The cost is distributed, just on the children of any age, regardless of whether they are inscribed to the parents or have his passport.  
  Open Visa on arrival, gives the right to stay in the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand within 15 days.
  It is better to issue visas to its destination, because procedure for issuing visas on arrival takes a lot of time (1,5-2 hours in Bangkok - 2 windows, rolling - 1 window)


  Refine the consulate / embassy of the need for translation, filed documents in English and certification of a notary.
  Do not forget to specify a contact telephone number in the questionnaire.
  The Consular Section has the right to request additional documents. 
   Term, for any category of visas issued by the Consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand, may be revised by border guards in Thailand.    

!!! List of required documents can be changed as to obtain a visa for the destination (in the embassy prior to arrival in the Kingdom of Thailand), and on arrival at the airport. Please specify the information to the consulate / embassy, at the time of submission of documents for visa to the destination (in the embassy before arrival in the Kingdom of Thailand).