You are the Director of a Thai company. What you need to know.
Well, finally, the company is registered and you are a happy director and shareholder, the lawyer showed you the constituent documents, including the list of shareholders with your name, in front of which the number of shares owned by you is indicated. And at this moment, when everyone is relaxing, you have to strain. For now you have taken on the cargo, the burden of responsibility (including criminal liability) for your firm before the Kingdom of Thailand.
I want to note that by signing the contract for accounting services, you are in no way shifting this load to the reliable shoulders of the legal office. If he makes the mistake of replying to you anyway.
Thai laws in any case, everything is impossible to study the foreigner, but there is a minimum that every self-respecting director should know.
After registration, you need to apply to the tax office to obtain the company's tax number. Within one month after the request, the card with the number must come to the legal address.
Becoming a director, even a non-working company, you must get a tax number also for yourself. Even if you do not work, and you do not have a work permit, the number should be. And accordingly, a card that looks very similar to the card of the company.
The director is responsible for issuing certificates of shares - documents that are issued to each shareholder, with information about his shares.
The director is finally responsible for the company's financial statements, both for the monthly and for the annual. Failure to perform these duties entails penalties.
You can still long to scream for what will happen if the director does not respect and break. The most unpleasant thing is that he is still responsible to shareholders directly. And if it violates a lot and often, it can be overthrown from office in a completely legal way. It will be insulting if the company has a real estate.
A short summary. Do not be lazy to make sure that you have the following documents after registration:
Foundation documents of the company preferably with translation
Print this page
Card with tax number of the company
The card with the tax number of the director - yours that is
Share certificates
I will not go into details in particular and continue the list further. This minimum for any company registered in Thailand, the wider the field of activity - the more documents.
And remember the registration date, so as not to miss the submission of a balance sheet in a year.