Company registration costs in Thailand
Before you take such a decisive step as creating a company in Thailand, you need to answer the simple question of what goals you pursue, and accordingly what the boundaries of the company's activities will be.
The purposes for which the company is registered may be, for example, the following
· For the purchase of real estate;
· For the organization of business (without employment of a foreigner);
· For the organization of business (with the employment of an alien, which means obtaining a work permit).
It is quite obvious that with the expansion of the company's field of activity, the list of expenses for its registration and support also increases. Let's look at it in order.
Creation of a company for the purchase of real estate.
The cost of registration of such a company depends on the declared size of the authorized capital (minimum - 1 million baht). The more the authorized capital, the more money a lawyer will take from you, and, by no means because of its greed, simply the state duty grows with each additional million. So how do you determine how much you need to declare in the authorized capital - everything is very simple, the value of real estate should be commensurate with the authorized capital. One should also not forget about expenses for the annual payment of accounting services for the preparation of a zero balance sheet.
Creating a company for business (without a work permit)
In this case, the costs will also include the cost of registering the company - the minimum amount of the authorized capital is also 1 million, registration in the social insurance fund and the employment of personnel, of course, we are talking about Thai employees, the same annual balance sheet, monthly contributions to the fund Social insurance for employees - 5% of the salary, (but not more than 750 baht.), And also, the monthly payment of personal income tax - from the salary of Thais, if it exceeds 150 thousand baht per year.
If the turnover of the company exceeds 1.8 million baht a year - it is also necessary to register a VAT payer. In this case, your items of expenditure will be increased by the cost of registration and payment for the accountant's services for preparing and submitting monthly reports.
The company for business with the employment of foreign employees
The creation of this type of company is the most expensive and requires the greatest investment. The costs will include:
1. Registration of a company with registered capital at the rate of 2 million baht for each working foreigner.
2. Registration in the social insurance fund and the subsequent employment of 4 Thais for each working foreigner.
3. Company registration as a VAT payer (required).
4. Annual balance sheet - the cost will depend on the turnover.
5. Monthly accounting reports are mandatory for the VAT payer.
6. Monthly deductions to the social insurance fund from the salary of each employee, including Thai and foreigners - 5%, but not more than 750 baht.
7. Monthly payment of personal income tax - from the salary of foreigners and the salary of Thai people, if it exceeds 150 thousand baht per year.
Further, to the above expenses, it is necessary to add the cost of issuing a work permit and its annual extension. In addition, do not forget about paying taxes.