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Do you need help selling your property in Pattaya? Are you looking for an investment or a new apartments for sale in Pattaya? Maybe you are wait to find short term or long term accommodation to rent while you are in Pattaya. Take a look at just some of  properties in our portfolio on our website. You can contact us by email, phone, or through website and we will be glad to help. If you are in  Pratumnak area then feel free to come to our office and meet our team. If you looking to buy condo in Pattaya or other property in Pattaya, we show best way how to buy property in Pattaya. You will be glad you did. Whatever your needs, Casa Siam Property is  right choice for you. With over 16 years experience real estate in Pattaya, their knowledgeable and friendly team will give you professional courteous service to make  buying and selling process smooth and hassle free.
The variety of properties available in the greater Pattaya area is second only to Bangkok. From a modest home in a relatively rural area on outskirts of Pattaya, to a lavish beach side villa, ocean-view condominium or a spectacular penthouse, nearly all are available for purchase or rent.  It is difficult to find another area in Thailand where the choice of properties is so abundant and  prices are so reasonable. It is important, therefore, to have the support and guidance of a company like Casa Siam Property who will en sure that you will be shown the best available properties to meet your criteria. Buy a condominium in Pattaya, in many ways, is easier than in most other countries. Land Offices are efficient and the documents needed to transfer ownership is relatively easy to prepare. Although it may take up to thirty days or even more time to complete the purchase (depending on the circumstances of the particular situation), most purchases can be wrapped up much faster, especially when purchasing a new project in Pattaya.
7 advantages of buying a property in Pattaya
1. Advantageous prices.
The cost varies from the desires and needs of the buyer. For example: chic apartments with sea views and access to the beach will cost you 2-3 million baht. A small house on a plot from 80 to 100 meters - 1.5 million baht.
The offers on the real estate market are enough to satisfy all the interests of buyers. The benefit is acquired due to the difference in the cost of construction materials, labor and technology of construction in comparison with prices in Russia. Most of the time, emigrants from Cambodia and Laos are employed in construction. In Thailand, the frame technology of construction is used, this is the most profitable option of construction, because the country is predominantly dominated by a warm and dry climate and the advantages in time costs allow you to save significant funds.
2. Real estate Pattaya on a turn-key basis. Without dependence primary you get habitation or secondary, you receive an apartment with furniture and all necessary technics. Thus, you save time and money for the purchase of basic things you need and equipment.
3. Interest-free lending. When buying a primary home in Pattaya, there is an interest-free loan program. In comparison with the rates for lending  - you can overpay for housing in three, four, sometimes five times more.
4. The climate. Certainly a comfortable warm mild climate is suitable for many. The constant summer and the month of the rainy season do not compare with the changeable weather: when it rains with snow in the morning, the wind blows in the face with terrible force, and in the evening a frosty frost.
5. Vitamins. Fruits and vegetables in the country are on sale all the time. The advantages are as follows: mature and fresh fruits, uniqueness of the fruit composition, most of them you have not even seen, as their transportation to other countries is prohibited.
6. Reduce the cost of living. Products, clothing and basic necessities are several times less than in the domestic market. Almost the majority of food and clothing production is produced directly by Thai companies, so the cost of transportation and transportation is reduced, respectively, the cost is several times less than on domestic counters.
7. Nature and the sea. The sea and beaches are the value of the Kingdom, the beaches on the islands sometimes surpass photos of glossy magazines. Clean, white sand, azure water, marine life, whirling around while you go into the water - all this is the reality of life in Thailand. The water temperature throughout the year is stable: +26.

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