Central Festival Pattaya Beach

The huge shopping center in the center of Pattaya, opened in 2009, includes many shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Total area - more than 30000 square meters. meters. To bypass it completely all the day is required. An uncountable number of boutiques with branded goods, clothes, souvenirs, perfumes and other products. All major world brands are represented. I will not enumerate, I assure you-you will find almost everything. A whole floor is devoted to one electronics. Prices are fixed, average. There are sales with big discounts, however, as well as with us. Therefore, I do not see the point of buying rags there and wasting my precious time.
Also, there are hairdressers, beauty centers, spa, fitness center, clinics, and pharmacies. At the entrance to the store, there is a fish massage - there are several aquariums in which the fish of Garra Rufa are swimming. For 150 baht for one or 250 baht for two, these wonderful creatures will tickle you 20 minutes. On the ground floor, you can make a full Thai or foot massage (30 minutes - 100 baht).
Almost the entire third floor is occupied by a huge electronics store and many small boutiques selling telephones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc. All brand, prices are almost the same as we have.
On the 4th floor there are a lot of banks where you can exchange currency or rubles for baht, but only upon presentation of your passport. I did not notice that the course was different from street exchangers. Also at your service - mail, taxi order, interpreter services and even a prayer room for Muslims. On the last floors (mostly - on 5 and 6, but there are also on other floors) there are restaurants and cafes with a wide variety of cuisine. You can find such famous brands as KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, MK, Saigon, AKA, Shabushi, Sizzler, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Company and many others. In total on the territory of the Festival - more than 40 points, where you can taste and not expensive to eat or get drunk to the heap. You will find food for every taste - there are fast food and fine dishes. Personally, I liked the Shabushi restaurant, located on the 6th floor. The principle is where - you pay 329 baht per person (from the child - 150 baht), sit down at the table, the waitress brings a pot of broth and puts it on the fire. In this boiling broth, you need to cook a variety of yummies, which are constantly riding in the plates on the conveyor belt past your table. This and purified shrimp and shellfish, mussels, slices of various fish and meat and many more interesting things. You can also take unlimited quantities of ready-made sushi, seafood in batter, ice cream, drinks, etc. All products are fresh and very tasty. You can betray gluttony for 1 hour and 15 minutes. To us, this time was quite enough to blunder from the heart. This institution is quite popular among Thais and tourists, you can often see even a small queue.
If you want to save money, the cheapest way to eat at the Festival is, of course, in FoodPark, which is located on the underground floor. At the entrance, you need to take a card, on which you will pay for food. You can put money on the card - as long as you want. If you leave the rest of the money on the card you will be given. Prices are very democratic. The food is delicious and varied, for every taste - there are Thai, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, German and of course Russian cuisine. And Russian - one of the most expensive. For example, a hodgepodge - 95 baht. But the portion is very large. So, if you miss Russian food, you can find it here. The average price tag for all dishes is 60 baht. If you do not glamor, for two you can keep within 300 - 400 baht. If you want to save - meet the 200 baht.
In the Festival you can find a lot of entertainment: there is a children's room, slot machines, karaoke (in English and Thai), shooting range, a 3D room of fear. On the 6th floor, there is billiards, bowling, a 4D cinema and a large cinema.
Over the Festival is the famous five-star hotel "Hilton". From the balcony of the Festival, a beautiful view opens. You can relax from shopping and just stand and admire the sea. Guarded parking is free for 2,000 cars. At the entrance, you receive a card, on which you take the car or the bike back. In the Festival, you can save extra by placing on the information desk a special tourist discount card. It operates in many boutiques in the shopping center. Discounts on it vary from 5 to 70%. For registration, a passport is required. At the same counter make and VAT Refund.
Opening hours - 11.00 - 23.00 Location - the city center, between Second Road (Second) and Beach Road (First) (you can enter from both directions), along 9 and 10 days.