For the Investor - buy to Pattaya

For The Investor We provide a special service for anyone wishing to purchase more than one property where the emphasis is on the best possible return as opposed to buying for private usage. We are able to negotiate reduced prices as well as offering an attractive rental return - see Rental Guarantees We can offer advice on a variety of different options depending on the main investment criteria and our comprehensive service is designed to take all the pressure and strain off our investors by handling every aspect of the purchase and on-going management. Just tell us what your objectives are and your approximate budget and we will be pleased to advise on the most suitable options to meet these requirements. We can then look at a range of properties to meet these criteria and prepare a report on all of the relevant details.  

Finance,property buyer here in Thailand

Finance It remains difficult for a foreign property buyer here in Thailand to obtain finance for their purchase from the conventional sources, i.e. a bank. However, there are a number of options available to buyers and we will be pleased to advise on the most suitable ones to meet your specific circumstances. The new projects which we offer have a wide range of finance terms to meet most budgets, many with low deposits and up to 70% due on completion and occasionally more. Due to our strong connections with many developers, we are often able to obtain better terms for our clients than those currently being offered. (We regularly get reduced prices as well.) Some of our resale listings also have finance available which is offered by the current owner. We will be pleased to provide full details of the terms for each property on request, and the specific finance arrangements between buyer and seller will be contained in a formal contract.  

Rental Guarantees - investmenting to property Pattaya

Rental Guarantees If your intention is to purchase a property in order to rent it out and obtain an attractive income, we probably have the perfect package for you. Many of our properties, both new and resale, are offered with a rental guarantee typically in the region of 7 or 8% per annum.  So if you are buying with investment in mind, let us suggest how we can make your money work much better for you. We will show you a range of properties which are ideal for renting and it’s important to choose the property and location very carefully so that we can maximise the value of your investment. Our advice to anyone buying to rent out is simple – “Buy with your head and not with your heart!” What you buy does not have to be the right property to meet your own personal tastes, but it does need to satisfy the requirements of the potential rental market who we will be looking to rent it to. Many people make the mistake of buying a property that they like themselves without giving much thought as to how much demand there will be from people looking to rent it from them. We are here to advise and make sure that you buy wisely and for the right reasons.  

About Pattaya

About Pattaya   Introduction        The Beaches      Useful Contacts   Introduction   Pattaya has been a world class tourist destination since the 1960's. What started as a sleepy fishing village became transformed by visiting US soldiers on leave from the War in Vietnam who were looking for a place to relax away from the trouble-torn neighbour.   Not much has changed in the intervening half century except for the quality and quantity of the general infrastructure as well as the "adult beverages and fairer sex". Pattaya City is bounded by the Beach Road to the West, the world famous Walking Street to the South, Sukhumvit Road to the East and Pattaya Nua (the north road) to the North. Within these boundaries lies a bustling and unsleeping city where almost anything and everything goes.   Today, Pattaya is all grown up - there are world class hospitals and medical/dental facilities, international supermarkets carrying foods from Europe and the US, cinemas, shopping malls, clothiers and restaurants featuring food from all over the world. You may dine on bagels to baklava, couscous to crumpets and virtually everything in between.   There are numerous condominium projects that rival those of Southern California and Europe as well as those more modest to fit most budgets. For those who like to be in the thick of the action, it’s hard to...

Getting Around Pattaya

Getting Around Pattaya Songtheaw or Baht Buses A massive fleet of dark blue-coloured pickup trucks converted into buses undertakes most public local transport.  In Thai, these vehicles are called songtheaw, but most people simply refer to them as baht buses. Service can be obtained by waving at the driver to stop along a designated route or by boarding a songtheaw waiting at one of the many stands.  Payment is made to the driver when getting off the bus and you simply press the bell to inform the driver when you wish to do so. The fare is 10 baht for trips within (and between) Pattaya and Jomtien, for both locals and foreigners.  Having the correct change is not essential, but does keep the potential hassle factor to a minimum.  In the past, and even today, some drivers will shortchange you on a 20 baht note if you don't seem like you know what you're doing, but most will return 10 baht in change.  Avoid asking for a destination when using songthaew, as many drivers will take that as an opportunity to charge a fare of 100 baht or more.  If you know your destination and how to get there, just ride the songthaew without asking for a destination.  That way you will just pay 10 baht per person no matter how far you go. Flat fares only apply when the songtheaw operates as a public bus.  Beware of the driver of an otherwise empty songthaew, especially one that's parked at the roadside, who might presume that you want...

Golf in Pattaya, Thailand

GOLF in PATTAYA Thailand and specifically Pattaya, is the golfing adventure of a life time! Golfing has been enjoyed in Thailand for over 100 years. There are at least 120 golf courses with a majority of them being constructed over the last 40 years. Pattaya is home to more than 20 of these courses and all are an easy drive away – by car that is, not a three iron! Some golfing legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones Jr., Nick Faldo and Pete Dye have all designed courses here using the best grasses and techniques.The results are some of the most attractive courses in Asia with excellent facilities, memorable signature holes and modern maintenance to keep them in top class condition. Large, well-constructed clubhouses ensure you begin and end your game in style. In them, you will find air-conditioned changing facilities, restaurants, bars and rooms for post-tournament functions. There are many golfing societies and excursion services that provide to and from transportation in air-conditioned vans as well as providing reduced rates on green fees, when available.Pattaya Homes and Condos will be pleased to introduce you to some of our connections in order for you to get the best out of your golfing experience here. Below is a brief description of some of the most popular local courses. The Pattaya Area Courses   Bangpra Golf Club Bangpra Golf course was built in 1958 and was completely updated in 1988. It...

Visa to Thailand, types of visas to Thailand, List of documents for obtaining a visa, visa-free entry, tourist visa.

Visas and Work Permits   Visa - is a document issued by a foreign citizen by the Government of Thailand, glued or delivered in the form of a stamp in the passport, which entitles entry into the country for a specified period.       Any visa has a shelf life – period during which the alien may use the visa to enter the country. Shelf life is determined by the embassy / consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand and indicated in the visa in the graph «Date of expiry» or «Enter before».       When entering the country, the Thai immigration officer at the border, put a stamp of his stay in Thailand. In the stamp indicates the date of entry and the date when you must leave Thailand. In some cases, duration of stay in Thailand can be increased in any office of the Immigration Bureau in Thailand by applying for extension of stay, while providing the necessary documents. In the case not to leave the country within the specified time stamp on - you will have to pay a fine of $ 500 for each day of Butt visa-free stay in the country.       The main types of visas and permits to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand      For the citizens of Russia and the States that have the right to stay in the country without a visa when crossing the border must present a passport with two blank pages, the validity of not less than 6 months from the date of entry, and a completed...