Beaches of Pattaya

The beaches of Pattaya, located in the Gulf of Thailand, can be divided into three parts.

Centra l beach

It is located in the city limits is not distinguished by the cleanliness of the sea, boats and boats are moored there, as well as water scooters. If you are looking for tropical beaches shining with the shine of clear water in the sun, then it is better to go to Samet, Chang, and Huahine, where the Thais themselves go on a weekend. As a more economical option, you can go to the so-called coral islands of Koh Lan, Ko Sak, Koh Krok for one day.

North Beach

Naklua Beach
The beach is located in the north of Pattaya, this is a quiet place, a fishing bay where the local population lives by fishing. There are not so many restaurants or expensive resort hotels, as, in South Pattaya, there is no noisy nightlife, but from here you can easily get to the southern part of Pattaya by a local taxi (the journey will take about 20 minutes). Link-transition to apartments and hotels

South beaches

Jomtien Beach
Situated just behind the cape, about 2 kilometers south of Pattaya city center, it is a quiet beach, on weekdays with a small number of people and fully animated on weekends when Thais come from here in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces. Jomtien has good hotels and restaurants. Jomtien beach is popular with guests and lovers of water sports, especially windsurfing. Link-transition to condos and hotels

Bang Saen Beach

Located about 13 kilometers from the city of Chonburi. Local traders will offer you Thai delicacies - dried squid, mussels, as well as hot steam fish cutlets. You can rent beach beds and swimming laps. Many beach restaurants have recently become much better and cleaner. In Bang Sense, there are several hotels and bungalows for rent.