How to get from Bangkok airport to the city center

We tell how to get from the airport in Bangkok to the city by taxi, transfer, bus or metro - and how much it costs. Let us summarize how it is more convenient and cheaper to get to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport.
There are three ways to get from Bangkok airport to the city center - book a transfer or taxi, take a bus or a special branch of the aboveground metro.

Taxi and transfer from Bangkok airport

More comfortable option, especially if you are traveling with a lot of things - to get from the airport of Suvarnabhumi to the hotel by taxi or pre-book an individual transfer.
The cost of the trip: 320-500 baht (600-950 rubles);
Where is: the first floor of the airport (1st floor), exits № 4 and № 7.
To get to the city by taxi will be faster than by bus, but the speed will depend on traffic jams (especially during rush hour and in rainy weather). If you need to get to the center of Bangkok as soon as possible - it's better to go by metro.
Be sure to choose a taxi that travels over the counter to prevent the taxi driver from overstating the price.
If you arrive in Bangkok late at night or go with children, it makes sense to pre-order a transfer to the hotel or another place in the city - do not have to look for a taxi with a counter, the driver will meet you with a sign at the airport and help with suitcases.
The cost of the transfer depends on the class of the car, the prices start at $ 36 per car for 3-4 passengers.
A transfer or taxi from Bangkok airport to the city will be a good choice if you are traveling by a company of 3-4 people - the price for each passenger will be small.
If you want, you can book a transfer to other cities in Thailand:
to Pattaya - from 19 dollars
to Hua Hin - from 71 dollars
to Koh Chang - from 131 dollars

Metro Link Metro Line

Suvarnabhumi Airport is connected to the center of Bangkok by a high-speed subway line called City Line or Airport Link (both names are found).
It runs along a high trestle above the ground so that during the day it allows not only to reach the city center faster (due to lack of traffic jams) but also to admire the views of Bangkok.
Opening hours: 05:59 - 00:01
Cost: 15-45 baht for City Line (depending on your terminal station)
Where is located: the basement of the airport (B Floor)
On the line Airport Link between the airport and Bangkok only one train runs:
City Line train: 6 stops, travel time - 31 minutes
On the Internet, you can find information about a separate train-express (Express train), which reaches stations Makkasan / Phaya Thai without stopping for 15-17 minutes. This information is out of date: the express does not go from 2015!
To get on the train and get to Bangkok, at the airport you need to go down to the bottom floor (Floor B), buy a ticket, get to the platform and wait for the train. See the chart on the map (trains to Bangkok are marked at the very bottom).
Please note: the City Line / Airport Link branch is not part of the Bangkok metro station, but it intersects with it at the Makkasan and Phaya Thai stations. If you change to a regular subway, you will need to buy a new ticket.
How to get from the airport in Bangkok to the center by metro
The City Lane train at one of the Bangkok stations.


The cheapest way to get from Bangkok airport to the city by bus:
Opening hours: 24 hours
Ticket price: 35 baht 
Where is: a transportation center two kilometers from Bangkok airport.
Buses to the center and other areas of Bangkok are circulated around the clock from the transport center of the Suvarnabhumi Airport (Transportation center).
To get to the transportation center, you need to take a free shuttle bus from the airport. It is advisable to take a bus with the letter Express - it goes directly to the bus terminal, while the usual shuttle buses make several stops.
Bus schedule from the airport to Bangkok:
How to get from the airport in Bangkok to the center by bus
More information about the bus routes from the transport center is written on the airport's official website (at the time of updating the article the site did not work, the link was removed).
In addition, from the airport to the center of Bangkok, you can take a shuttle bus: they leave from the exits №1 and №8 on the first floor (First floor) of Suvarnabhumi Airport. The price varies from 20 to 50 baht, depending on the route.

Rent a Car

Are you planning to travel to Thailand yourself? In this case, it is convenient to immediately rent a car at the airport in Bangkok, and on it to get to the right place in the city.
Prices for rental from different companies are convenient to compare through EconomyBookings - it collects offers from different suppliers, allowing you to find advantageous options. The rental price starts at about 700-750 baht per day.
Do not forget that in Thailand, left-hand traffic!