Attractions in Pattaya

The Temple of Truth

The main attraction of the north of Pattaya and the pearl of the whole city - The Temple of Truth (The Sanctuary of Truth)
The temple is located at the very edge of the sea, construction has been underway since 1981, and the height is almost 110 meters. The peculiarity of the building is due to the fact that the church is completely wooden.
Immediately, you can observe the process of decorating the temple with hand-carved elements of Thai decor depicting traditional local legends and beliefs.
According to official data, the purpose of the Temple of Truth is "a reflection of the Eastern vision of the world, ancient knowledge and eastern philosophy. In this complex, visitors will come to understand the lives of past generations, human responsibility, the fundamental philosophical principles of the life cycle, relationships with the universe and the main goal of life to achieve Utopia. "
Working hours from 08.00 to 17.00.

Budda Hill and observation platform

The Buddha Hill and observation platform are located between central Pattaya and Jomtien, in the elite area of Pratumnak Hill.
On one hill is the largest statue of Buddha in Pattaya and the Chinese sanctuary dedicated to Confucius and Lao Tzu.
On a nearby hill stands a monument to the founder of the Thai royal fleet, Prince Aphakon Kyativongu - the most popular place for panoramic photo coverage in the background of the Pattaya Bay of the Gulf of Thailand.

Floating Market Pattaya

The famous floating market near Pattaya.
It extends on a territory with an area of 100,000 sq.m.
All the buildings on the market rise on stilts, connected by narrow bridges, and all those who sell souvenirs and handicrafts move on famous Thai boats.
For a symbolic fee, you can ride through all the channels of the floating market on a boat.
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Stadium of traditional Thai boxing

The boxing stadium is located in South Pattaya, at the beginning of Teppisit Street and offers professional fights.
Competitions are held several times a week, and participants sometimes come from all over the world, including from Russia and CIS countries.

Show-theaters "Tiffany " and "Alcazar"

Famous for the whole world, theatrical cabaret show transvestites are in the Northern Pattaya area and offer their viewers an unforgettable program - from parodies to the creation of pop stars to scenes from the classical history of Thailand.
Each institution has its own unique program, so the aesthetic tastes of all viewers are satisfied
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Thais, like the Russians, like fast driving, probably, that is why there are three karting machines, where you can enjoy the whole family on a remarkably equipped route. There are "tracks" for both experienced drivers and children. Prices vary from the time of renting karting and the complexity of the chosen route.

The tropical garden of Nong Nooch (Nong Nooch Tropical Garden)

On the territory of 240 hectares of tropical garden, Nong Nuch collected plants from around the world: more than 1000 species of palm trees, a garden of cacti, orchids, butterflies and aviaries with birds. Several times a day there are theatrical shows from the history of Thailand and a colorful representation of elephants.
Particularly proud is the exposition of the chic cars of the son of Madame Nong Nooch, the owner of the park. Over 40 retro luxury cars and modern racing cars (Cadillac, Lotus, Lamborghini, BMW, Mini, Nissan, Mitsubishi) are assembled in the open air.
If desired, in the park you can stay overnight at a local hotel.
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Mini Siam ( Mini Siam)

Mini Siam Park is located on the outskirts of North Pattaya and is a collection of miniature models of major world and Thai architectural landmarks - the Liberty Monument in Bangkok, Wat Arun in Bangkok, the Ayutthaya Historical Park, the Tower Bridge in London, , The Eiffel Tower in Paris (France); The Arc de Triomphe in Paris (France); Statue of Liberty in New York (USA) and others.
Particularly attractive is the park after sunset, when the expositions are highlighted by special illuminations.

The tiger zoo; Snake farm; Park of million-year-old stones and crocodile farm.

For animal lovers, being in Pattaya, you can visit several establishments, wherein a relaxed atmosphere there is an opportunity to watch our smaller brothers. A half-hour drive from the center of Pattaya is the tiger zoo ("Sriracha Tiger Zoo"), home to about 50 Bengal tigers and more than 10,000 crocodiles. In addition to the intriguing show, the ability to feed and be photographed for memory with majestic animals enjoys special popularity.
In South Pattaya, the famous snake farm is located ("Snake Farm"). Only here you can enjoy a unique show program with the participation of reptiles (cobra, pythons, poisonous snakes). On the territory of the farm, there is a souvenir shop, a restaurant serving snake food, as well as a pharmacy with exclusive medicines and therapeutic tinctures based on snake venom.

Crocodile farm (Patt​aya Crocodile Farm) and Million Years Stone Park (Million Years Stone Park)

are located in North Pattaya. This is an obligatory part of practical all sightseeing tours around the city. There are striking boulders of stone blocks and fossilized trees found by local archaeologists. The park's decoration is the largest in Southeast Asia crocodile farm (about 65 thousand reptiles). Several times a day there are shows with the participation of huge crocodiles, after which you can take photos with reptiles, feed them, and buy souvenirs from the skin or taste exotic dishes from dietary crocodile meat.