General information

Opening hours: Government and business offices are open from 8.30 to 16.30. from Monday to Friday.

Electrification: 220 volts.

Newspapers and Media: There are over 100 radio stations in Bangkok. All of them are owned by the state but are concessionary to private companies. Radio broadcasting is also available in Thai and English, with news broadcast every hour. In the capital, there are over 20 daily newspapers. Among the leading Thai newspapers are Thai Rath, Daily News, Siam Rath, Matichon, New Na, Sum Post, Ban Muang, Wattachak, and Manager. Two are the bigger daily newspapers in English - Bangkok Post and The Nation. There are many English magazines as well as local editions of Japanese, Chinese and some European languages. Many of the larger international newspapers, magazines, and books are also widely available.

There are 5 TV stations in Thailand - Channels 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. Local shows, newsletters, live shows about important events, etc. are broadcast. Cable TVs are also widely available on a subscription basis.

Health and medical conditions: There are many clinics and hospitals in Bangkok that are ready and able to provide the necessary assistance in different situations. Major public and private hospitals are equipped with good medical equipment and internationally recognized and highly qualified specialists. All pharmaceuticals are widespread. Refrain from drinking water from the crane!

Useful Customs Information: The Thai customs banned anyone in Thailand from wearing more than 50 grams of tobacco or 200 cigarettes per person. The offenders will be fined 500 baht (about 12 euros) for each package if the cigarettes are for personal use and 700 baht (about 15 euros) for each package if the cigarettes are imported for commercial purposes. For groups of tourists, it is recommended that each passenger should wear his own cigarettes separately. Cigarettes and tobacco cannot be carried by other people in the group because the customs services apply the law to the wearer larger than the allowed. The Thai Customs Act covers all persons entering Thailand, regardless of their purpose and stay in the country. The law applies to all types of tobacco regardless of the manner of acquisition. Passengers entering the Kingdom have the right to carry a maximum of 1 (one) liter of concentrated alcohol and 1.


Telephone services: 
Calling code + 66/1 / - for Bangkok.