All about Thailand

Imagine a country of infinite variety with high, covered with vegetation, mountains, jungle, rich in wildlife, lianas, orchids and other exotic plants, with rivers flowing from the mountains and carry their water on the plain to the warm, tropical beaches fringed bay. This gave Thailand the gods.

  The picturesque roofs of temples with gleaming in the evening twilight golden spire pointed, silver channels cutting through the plain with fertile rice fields. Unique works of art, from breathtaking - all Thais have created for its amazing land yourself. Created by gods and men, Thailand at all times, like a magnet, attracted foreigners, many of which come only to look at this country - and stayed there for life.

  "The country is free-spirited" and "Land of Smiles", Thailand is the name of his own people.These words could not be better define the nature of the people living here. Thais are proud of the fact that their ancestors were never allowed foreign domination over himself, and not coincidentally, Thailand - the only Southeast Asian country, managed to escape the yoke of colonialism. Free spirit can be seen in all manner of Thai people. For their unfailing courtesy concealed self-esteem, the ability to submit to circumstances, but without a shadow of servility and obsequiousness. That pride is their patriotism and in spite of all vicissitudes of fortune, can save on your face smile.

  But why would Thais not smiling? Indeed, in their bright and colorful country, national culture, saving from the heat and the sun shining on rivers and canals, superb cuisine, a healthy economy, religion and political loyalty. Tradition of respect and reverence for the royal family, the older generation, grafted centuries.

  Visiting the country, you make sure that local people care refers to the mentality and national characteristics of the inhabitants of other nations. For this reason, Thais welcome foreign visitors with genuine warmth and genuine hospitality.