All about Pattaya

Tropical sun almost 365 days a year, and entertainment for every taste - that's what brings tourists to Thailand.

Pattaya has become known in the '60s. years, when she became a favorite spot of American soldiers and sailors who literally invaded the once quiet shore. Today, a small fishing village into a world famous resort and epotazhny.
The city is located 140 kilometers southeast of Bangkok on the coast of the Gulf of Siam.Translated from the Thai, city name means "gentle tropical breeze blowing from the south-west to north-east, before the beginning of the rainy season."
With this wind, and its unique location, such as islands and enclosed bay surrounded by mountains, Pattaya less than other areas of Thailand, is exposed to rainfall in the rainy season.This important fact makes it attractive for recreation throughout the year. There is even a tourist slogan: Tourist, know Pattaya - 365 days of yours! Today it is - a beach resort, world health resort, filled with massage parlors, spa treatment and a known sex capital of the world, as well as the city of night owls. On the main streets of Beach-Beach Road, stretching along the sea, and the second - Second Road, running parallel to the beach, people at night as well as during the day, if not more. Pattaya after sunset is a noisy and dynamic.

Night life in an excellent, open at night a lot of beer and go-go bars, massage parlors and local markets. On the streets you can find transvestites - not representatives of the traditional sexual orientation, and, of course, the crowds of tourists looking for nightlife.

Pattaya city is not dangerous - even at night, but if you do not want to be separated from their money, remember that pickpockets also do not sleep. The choice of food is excellent, Pattaya offers a variety of restaurants of all cuisines: American fast food, pizza, French bistroi restaurants, German, Indian, and of course, Thai restaurants in Thailand and food courts (small offices with different types of dishes). standard lunch at the average cost of 10 to $ 20 for 2 people. poekonomit and can taste traditional food and cheap - it is sold on the streets or in supermarkets. The main movement in the city - this is so-called Songthaews (tuk-tuk), which is a small open box, where you pay the fare as a shuttle bus - 10 baht per person.
Pattaya - the most democratic city where freedom of choice in everything. Here there are expensive hotels (Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Centara Grand Mirage, Dusit Thani, Mariott, Pullman Aisavan, Zign) and an excellent 4 * and 3 * (Avalon, Asia Pattaya, Ravindra, Dor-Shada, Cosy, Woodlands, Nirvana) and inexpensive Guest House (hotel or family mini-hotels).Pattaya is now the most famous and popular resort not only in Thailand but also in Southeast Asia in general, for a long time he was voted the best in Asia.