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Real estate in Thailand.
Thailand recently secured for itself one of the leading positions in the foreign real estate market. More and more citizens of Russia and the near abroad give their preference to real estate in Thailand, planning the placement of their investments in real estate.
To date, more than 60% of the sold property in Thailand, is purchased by citizens of the countries of the former Union!
The reasons why Thailand's real estate has become so popular among investors are unambiguous: Thailand is a unique corner of the world! The Kingdom, which combines affordable prices, economic growth, beauty and the ineffable atmosphere of East Asia.
By investing in Thailand and buying real estate in Thailand, the buyer receives not only their own, free housing, but also a permanent and stable source of income, which increases in price every day real estate.
The constant rise in property prices in Thailand allows you to grow your investments, and is due to the prosperity of this glorious kingdom.
Thailand is developing not only as a resort. In this country, agriculture and industrial production are flourishing. The combination of luxurious sandy beaches and a unique climate, allows this kingdom to develop in several directions at once. Since tourism in Thailand began its active growth not so long ago, today there are still land on the shores of Thailand, and opportunities for development. But they are not infinite. The most prestigious land plots are already being built up by projects, which in turn are redeemed for 50 or more percent. This suggests that shortly the land shortage will stimulate the active growth of the value of each square of real estate in Thailand.
Despite the economic crisis, Thailand is one of the few countries whose tourist flow has not actually declined. Real estate in Thailand was sold and leased at almost the same pace as before the crisis. Despite the expected collapse in property prices in Thailand, this year recorded a rise in prices and liquidity of villas, apartments and land in Thailand.
Property in Pattaya
The most popular among Russians is considered to be real estate in Thailand real estate in Pattaya. Since Pattaya was one of the first developed resorts, for the most part it was remembered for its excellent beaches, rich in infrastructure and luxurious hotels, shopping centers, clubs. The real estate in Pattaya for today is quite accessible, and there are offers both in standing, and in ready condominiums. The rise in prices for apartments and condo in Pattaya, over the past three years has amounted to an average of 50-60%! Thanks to the rapid development of the resort and the pilgrimage of investors, in Pattaya to date, a stable increase in prices and a favorable atmosphere for investment
Rent villas and apartments in Thailand.
If you want to just relax in Thailand without purchasing real estate, we are ready to offer you the best offers for renting real estate in Thailand.
Rent a property in Thailand, at a time of rest, much more profitable than living in a hotel for a ticket. In addition, rental property provides its benefits - freedom and privacy, additional comfort, which is not found in hotels and hotels.
So, you can rent a small villa, at a price of $ 150 per day, or rent a condo at a price of $ 90 per day, which will significantly reduce the cost of recreation. In our database you can find many options for villas, condos and apartments for rent, and in any corner of Thailand.
Our specialists diligently select only the best options, finding the best offers for those who wish to have a decent rest in Thailand.
In addition to selling and renting condos, villas, apartments and land in Thailand, our company organizes familiarization tours for real estate in Thailand. If you want to buy property in Thailand, or just ask the price and evaluate the attractiveness of the real estate market - we are ready to provide you with an orientation tour at the lowest prices. Our agents in Thailand will meet, place and familiarize you with the most attractive options for property in Thailand, according to your wishes.
Especially if you have not already been to this beautiful kingdom - you will only need to go once and see everything with your own eyes, in order to make a decision and choose to invest in real estate in Thailand!

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